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A vegan take on a historic recipe.
Cleopatra is legendary for many reasons, one being her bathing rituals!
It is said that the pharaoh of ancient Egypt would bathe in donkey milk with scattered rose petals to keep herself young and beautiful. 
Well now you can enjoy a luxury bath soak that was inspired by Cleopatra...but without the use of animal products! 
This lavishly, rich and creamy bath powder is 100% vegan and is exactly what your skin has been craving. 

Organic coconut milk is rich in fatty acids that will plump your skin and leave you soft and dewy.

Organic oats lock in moisture, protect the skin and soothes any irritation.

Himalayan pink salt is rejuvenating and detoxifying. It helps to draw out toxins, deep cleanses and softens the skin.

To use: draw a bath to your desired temperature and add a few scoops to the bath. If you aren't keen on floaties in the tub, fill the reusable cloth tea bag provided and drop it in the tub. Now get naked you sexy beast and hop on in!

Ingredients: organic coconut milk (Cocos nucifera), organic oats (Avena sativa), dentritic salt, Himalayan salt, jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), rose oil (rosa), rosehip oil (Rosa canina), rose petals (Rosa) 

Cleopatra Bath Soak