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Your new favourite scrub! 
Packed full of skin brightening, scar diminishing, blemish fighting ingredients that are 100% natural AND vegan! 
The organic coffee gets your circulation going while it brightens and firms your skin. Throw in some almond and coconut oil for their fatty acids to keep your skin soft and supple and some vitamin E to heal, protect and minimize the appearance of scars. 
Add some dead Sea salt for its high magnesium content to hydrate and rid the skin of redness, dryness and roughness...and you've got the most wicked, life changing scrub that there ever has been! 
So how do you use this magical scrub? Quite simple. Grab a scoop, rub it on face or body in a circular motion and rinse off. For a more intense scrub use on dry skin then rinse.

Coffee Scrub